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Pictures from the neighborhood

April 14, 2021

What is there to do when you are living in a campus in isolation during the pandemic?

The answer, unsurprisingly, is walking around and taking pictures of things, telling yourself once this is over, these will stay on as memories. I wonder how else I will remember some of the physical firsts (such as my first walk through campus, on the first day of classes) that I accomplished this semester i.e. firsts that I had dreamed of many times back home, and which came to fruition in an ironically bittersweet way. I had hoped I would do many of these with friends, but unfortunately I suppose in the end, I had to do them alone, guided not by upperclassmen from my floor, as I had hoped, but by the omniscient hand of Google Maps.

Nevertheless, here are some pictures of campus, and places that are within walkable distance from campus, in all their lonely beauty.


Jaume Plensa's Alchemist (2010) in front of the Stratton Student Center. One of my favorite art installations on campus, firstly because it is the location of the opening scene of the MIT Oppa Gangnam Style video, and secondly because I pass it almost daily on my walks.


Random Hall, one of the undergraduate dorms on campus. I made it a point to visit all 11 undergraduate dorms (from the outside), just to get an idea of how far each dorm is before I pick a dorm to live in next semester. 10 of these dorms are currently open (Burton-Conner is closed for repairs), and I visited Random Hall eighth.


An off-center view of Massachusetts Avenue, because I loath symmetry. Massachusetts Avenue is one of the more important locations I have needed to visit, as it has everything from restaurants to stores to the post office.


The MIT Museum (currently closed due to COVID) because how cool is it to go to a university that has its own museum to immortalize all the crazy stuff that has ever happened/been done on campus. Yes, I am referring to the exhibit on student pranks at MIT (popularly called hacks).


THe Charles at night, because night + river = pretty.

post office

The Cambridge post office, a historic (and huge) building built in 1933, added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986, and renamed after Clifton Merriman, an African-American World War I veteran.


An interesting view one sees while on Killian Court — I really like how the trees line up.


Simmons Hall, just after sunset.


Collier's Cranes — an installation of paper cranes contributed by members of the MIT community as a part of a hack to honor the sacrifice of Officer Sean Collier. This hack can be found in the Gates Atrium of the Ray and Maria Stata Center.

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